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Whatever your fitness goals, consider Brazilian jiu-jitsu training from an pan American-champion black belt, Micheal Oberdick at Stellar Fitness LLC.  BJJ gives children & adults the ability to be assertive & confident everyday using non-violent leverage based holds, you'll be able to neautralize threats both physical & verbal.  BJJ not only teaches real-life  self-defense but increases self-awareness.  We learn responsibiltiy not only for ourselves but for our actions.  Learn to protect yourself & your loved ones.  Gain respect for yourself & those around you.

Doug & Tia teach a monthly class at Stellar Fitness.   Find your true potential and achieve greater peace of mind!  This class is for women of 14 age and older.  Learn to protect Yourself and your loved ones.  We also offer a tween & Kids self-defense classes as well.  Girl scout or other groups are welcome.

increase your strength, enhance your flexibility, improve your balance and more through the practice of yoga. Our talented instructors offer Aerial Yoga Foundations, Aerial Yoga Intermediate, Vinyassa and Power Yoga.

We offer all kinds of kickboxing. So, whether you are looking for a cardio workout or you want to train  for a ring, cage or Karate tournament.  We have all of your kickboxing needs.

Attain fitness goals faster with the services of a personal trainer from Stellar Fitness LLC. We’ll evaluate your situation and aspirations to customize a workout regimen you can stick to that yields results. Work out with a professional and certified personal trainer at a locally owned and operated fitness center. It’s never too late to get started on the path to a better health!

Isshin Jitsu-One Heart Art
Isshinjitsu is a combination of the concepts of Isshin Ryu Karate and Aikijitsu techniques.  It also makes use of pressure point application.  The combination of these arts makes for a powerful and complete system.  The strong, devastating moves of Isshin Ryu accompanied by the joint locking and throwing techniques of Aikijitsu make a consistent and decisive means of keeping your attacker off balance and under control.




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