Owner Tia Long, is a certified Astro-Durance Master Trainer and the Ambassador of Sales.  Contact Tia today, to get your bungee training and to order your Astro-Durance bungee equipment to your gym or studio. 












Astro-Durance has created the amazing Low Body Impact, High Endurance Motion Based Bungee training, while suspended in the air. 


What is Astro-Durance?

You provide for your client the bungee system designed for their weight class with a harness that is made to fit securely, yet comfortably. Using our ASTRO-DURANCE® pretested workouts, or ones you as their trainer create, you can now provide weightless training that puts NO STRESS ON THEIR JOINTS! You will be an Astro-Hero as you provide your clients weightless training that helps to increase muscle tone, strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility and balance.

ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Training has developed a phenomenal workout program that offers an extremely high cardio and revs metabolism to start burning fat immediately without putting stress on joints. Top athletes and fitness trainers have been astounded at the rapid rate of cardio in their first minute thanks to the advanced ASTRO-DURANCE® Training Program.