Pole Fitness
Aerial Yoga


Step outside of your comfort zone. 

Aerial Yoga

Build muscle, flexibility and a strong core while having fun with the added support of the hammock.  In this aerial yoga class there are numerous benefits.  Just a few benefits are it can improve posture, decompress the spine, create better balance and aid in stress reduction.  So, come soar to new heights with us and get stronger doing it.



Never tried Lyra?  Then this class is for you. Strong is beautiful! And why just be strong, when you can be circus strong?!
Lyra is a circular steel apparatus, resembling a hula hoop, suspended in the air, on which one may perform aerial acrobatics. No experience necessary as Krystal will teach you proper grips and safeties, how to warm up, beginner entries and exits from the hoop, in your first ever aerial combo.

Pole Fitness

Classes available for all levels and expertise.  Students will be introduced to basic pole techniques, fundamental moves and basic spins. No dance/fitness experience required. Then, we will build upon the fundamentals, adding various spins, climbs, and transitions. Conditioning will be taught from various levels, enabling the safe execution of upright tricks and inversion preparation.